Results of my tests

Images of my brain from the MRI







Here’s an update on my health situation.

First, I got the results of all of my tests, and the good news is that I’m going to be fine. Turns out I have two areas on both sides of my brain with tumors. Photos are attached. Next I have been getting incredible care at the hospital here in Spain. And I’ve been supported by so many people.

Antonio has been amazing and has not left my side. He has been with me when I do my physical therapy. And then back in the room he makes sure I continue my exercises. He puts up with me crying way too much. He tries to turn my crying into laughter. Usually with great success.

Miguel has done a great job as communication director. He is keeping you all informed about my status has been so appreciated.

Carlos has been amazing in getting together a team to open the house on Fire Island. He’s doing this along with Miguel thanks to any of you who will be a part of that effort.

I got a beautiful bouquet of flowers from Cyrus. They make my room smell like a garden and look like a garden as well. I’m including a picture of me along with the bouquet.


Miriam send a beautiful picture of some work that she has done with two birds on glass. These are dedicated to Antonio and me. Here is a picture of that amazing work.


Susan Locke has put me in touch with Dr. Harold Weinberg, the husband of a good friend of hers. He is the head of neurology at New York University Hospital.  He has already had a look at my various tests and has promised to put me in touch with the right doctor for when I get back to the states

So many people have offered to come to Spain while I am here to help whether staying with me were I to continue treatment here. Or to accompany me back to the states if needed. Thanks to my brother, David Schofield, Katia, Miguel, Carlos, Ellen, Xavier, Andrea and anyone else I may have missed. For now at least no need to come to Spain because we have arranged to return to New York on April 3.

I’m very lucky that UNICEF agreed to pay for the return tickets to NY for both me and Antonio. This will be direct from Madrid rather than having to go back through Paris. And given the weakness in the left side of my body, I would not have been able to do this on my own. Thank you Nancy Raphael for your advice about how to make this happen.

I’m hoping to leave the hospital either today or tomorrow and head to Alicante until next weekend when we return to the States via Madrid.

You can’t imagine how overwhelmed I am by all of your love. Sometimes I don’t feel like my body is big enough to hold it all.





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