Another short update

The past week has been mixed – some good days and some not so good. But in the good days, there are challenges and even in the bad days, good stuff happens. My strength is building and I almost walk normally, though I get tired easily.

For a few days, I was very tired – side effect from immunotherapy?

Anyway, didn’t have the energy to talk on the phone or respond to emails.

I also had another immunotherapy treatment – all day on Tuesday. And did evaluations at an outpatient clinic for physical, occupational and speech therapy. Should start sessions this coming week for the actual therapy.

Lots of visitors: Buffy from Colorado, Sheila from California and Mark from Montana – all Peace Corps friends. Great toi have them, but tiring as well. And have been going to the gym for light, short worouts almost daily. These are good to start to regain my strength and stamina.

Antonio left for Spain for 6 days and I have coverage from friends while he is gone.

And prep for the wedding continues – it’s a lot to get done: menu planning, flowers, buying suits. Getting there. Have some good help.

Mark Leydorf will officiate and have been working on the ceremony with him and Antonio.

Antonio, Alan and Claudia:


Me with Susan, Buffy, Antonio and Sheila:


Until next week.

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