Balancing Session

Another update this time I think pretty short.

In Alicante yesterday I went for a special energy balancing session with a therapist that Antonio had worked with a few years ago. David was amazing, spending two hours with me with hands on work to try to balance my energy bring my coordination to a higher level. He is one of these guys who has healing hands. His presence is very powerful.

At the end of the session, I was feeling much better and very energized. Yesterday evening we went for dinner and had a fairly light meal of grilled artichokes and amazing tomato with fresh burrata covered with rich, spicy, olive aoli.

This morning I had breakfast in the hotel restaurant overlooking the sea. The Mediterranean in Alicante is a gorgeous, clear blue and so inspiring to look over to enjoy your breakfast.

I was supposed to go for physical therapy at a center that is only about 11 km from the hotel but the route to get out there was not so straightforward so it wound up taking almost an hour by taxi.

Unfortunately when I got to the center they were not ready to see me in spite of the long trip I have to go back this afternoon to actually have the therapy session.

I came back into the city by train which was much quicker and ran around way too much and I’m now feeling exhausted, left side dragging again – .a set back, I hope temporary. . But I did manage to get my haircut, so needed, long-overdue.

I also managed to take a bunch of clothes to the dry cleaner. Unlike New York, Alicante works at a different pace. It is Tuesday today but the clothes would not be ready until Saturday because many who work in the cleaners are on vacation – Holy Week.

So they promised to at least clean the clothes but no promises for pressing in time for Thursday. We cannot wait longer than Thursday since we leave here Friday morning

For those of you perhaps wondering how I’m able to type all of these notes with the weakness on my left side, the reality is that my iPhone is taking dictation and does a pretty good job so that I just have to edit after dictating.

Sunrise in Alicante from the restaurant at the hotel - March 29

It’s a beautiful day here with temperatures in the mid-70s and shining sun. I wish I had more energy to be able to enjoy it, but right now I’m just hanging out in the hotel resting to prepare for therapy this afternoon.

That’s all for now.

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