Brief update

I hope to make more, but very brief updates to the blog.

This week has been good overall – went for post-treatment tests and doing well. Walking much more normally and feeling stronger. I am transitioning into outpatient care starting tomorrow instead of in-home therapy.

Getting out everyday and though it makes me tired, I am getting stronger.

My brother and family came in from the Philippines and we drove to see my Maryland family for the weekend. All good there.

Wedding plans moving nicely with the current date set for the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

All for now.

Love to all,




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12 thoughts on “Brief update

  1. Greetings from Stanley and me from Trinidad. Remember when you were here. Glad to hear that things are progressing well. Very excited about the wedding.
    Warm regards from Stanley and me

  2. Brief updates are always good! It usually means: "Hi, I am doing great and living my life!" So good to hear that you are doing well. Keep it up! Warm hugs packed with all the healing power of the Multiverse 🙂

  3. So glad to hear your progressing. Congratulations on the upcoming wedding. Love keeping up with you on the blog.

  4. Glad to hear you're doing better and that you've had a visit from your brother and his family. Wonderful what love and family can do for one's spirits. Love and best wishes and congratulations too! Jonathan and Ray

      1. Correction: John and I will be with you guys the Saturday after Thankgiving with joy!!!!! ❤️

  5. Dear Alan and Antonio - Hallelujah for the wedding bells on Thanksgiving Saturday! Our family will be toasting you in Charleston, SC that day where we will be this Thanksgicing! Love ❣️Ed


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