Can it be another week already?

Monday was my dad’s 97th birthday – he looks amazing for his age and is still quite vital!

To celebrate, we took my dad and Florence out for lunch before heading back to NYC by bus.

Antonio and I went to visit for the weekend and had a fun time with him and Florence. Ate too much, including Olive Branch crabcakes, but that is expected by now!

A week ago Monday, was another MRI and the results were uncertain. The good news: no new tumor growth so the treatment while maybe not effective in getting rid of the cancer, it seems to be having some good effects on the tumors. That said, I am still way too tired and with low energy. Miguel was in from Amsterdam and joiuned us at Sloan.




Antonio – who is not objective – tells me I am doing great and that I should not be so hard on myself, but it is hard to feel good when I don’t feel so good. I am trying to be patient and while on the one hand, I love when people see me and tell me I look great, I still hate hearing that when I don’t see myself that way – and when doing even the simplest things exhausts me.

We went for several social events this week, including a goodbye party for Suraj who is off to LA for work and to Lisa Gilman’s 50th birthday party at a beautiful upper east private townhouse. Also had brunch on Sunday with Miguel and Ronny, and Marc Martin.

We have started to reach out for people to take Fire Island shares for 2017 – if interested, please send me an email. You can also see

The light outside is beautiful right now. We are on the bus – maybe 30 mins from NYC.

Tonite had dinner with my friend Stewart at Blossom – an amazing vegetarian restaurant. Great to catch up with Stew, also.

Later in the week more therapy and more social stuff – movie with Jon Cook. Gallery with Katia and Susan.

Trying to do a bit less, but that is hard for me – I overdo it easily and then punish myself for it. Antonio helps me keep some perspective. And he forces me to nap – a good thing for my recovery.

We will take my niece Kaelah to see modern dance when she comes to visit early in February.

Sending love into the world on this electoral college sad day– hopefully more joy and love will come back our way.

Antonio was supposed to go to Spain today for Xmas holidays but cannot leave the USA because of visa issues. So we will head to Florida from December 28 until January 8th – at least a good break from the cold! We start in Ft. Lauderdale and will drive to Key West to spend a few days with my dear friend David Schofield.

This will be Antonio’s first time in both places – I have been to KW but have not been to Ft. Lauderdale yet and look forward to that. Suggestions welcome for both places – more for FL Than KW where I have been 3 times and where David lives.the overall goal is to be in a warm place aand just relax – not party or overdo it.

Okay, all for now – until next week.

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21 thoughts on “Can it be another week already?

  1. I hate to annoy you but you look great in this picture!! And, even though I have never met him, so does Antonio. Yummy crab cakes!!! Happy birthday to your dad. He is amazing.

  2. love getting the updates! Glad you two are getting away from the cold! Is there swimming at Fire Island in the summer? Can I go dancing with your dad?

  3. of course swimming in summer though the water can be cold all summer long! and if my dad is there he loves to dance!

  4. Maybe people should quit commenting on how you look. (In fact, that's a good suggestion for everyone!) Why not just say, "Wow, I am so glad to see you!"

    Love to you & Antonio ❤❤❤

  5. Wow, I'm so glad to see and hear from you, A and A. Alan, you're doing too much, but that's how you roll...Much love

  6. I have to agree that at least in this picture you look great. Of course being a newlywed can help with that. The only semi-positive side to this political stuff (can't bring myself to say his name) is that after they wreak everything, we have a progressive backlash. We have to remain hopeful!! Happy New Year! May next year bring you both renewed joy!

  7. Sorry my friend 😉 but you do look great!!! and I am sure the warmth and sun of Florida will do marvels.
    May 2017 bring you and Antonio all the joy and fun you want.

  8. Nice pic Alan- gleeful grin like a happy kid being tickled-- Was Miguel tickling you (?) - happy holidays and love to you and Antonio!
    Sorry to hear about Antonio's visa problems - what a disappointment. Does being married change those issues? I hope so.

  9. the marriage does indeed change things.after the wedding antonio cannot travel until he gets a provisional green card. sigh. fl is a good alternative in th interim.


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