Day of Calm

Yesterday was mostly a day of calm. I went out for a walk in the morning and around 12:30, my dear friend Ellen came by for a few hours. I first met Ellen in 1967 when I was visiting Temple University in Philadelphia with my parents trying to select which university I would attend. Ellen was a member of what was called “President’s Hosts” – students who showed prospective students around the campus – and she obviously was an excellent “host” in convincing me to attend Temple. The following September, I was in my dorm and had been assigned a roommate from hell – I recall his name as Elmer and he was a farmer’s son from a small town near Erie, PA. It was the first time for both of us to live away from our families. The difference was that Elmer would sit in the room and pray and he also was too shy to use the showers in the dorm, resulting in a not very pleasant body odor. In those days, the shower was a room with many showerheads all in a semi-circle so that your naked body was on display among the other young guys, like high school showers after gym.

I was miserable having him as a roommate and in that first week, I saw Ellen in the cafeteria and approached her. She was a Resident Assistant in the dorms and she helped me to change roomies and we have been fast friends ever since. I have been to the Bar and Bat Mitzvahs of her 4 kids, now all adults and 3 of the 4 with kids of their own. She knows my family and I know hers. We meet up quite often and speak every week – and she has been here for me during this brain ordeal.

Anyway, Ellen’s visit was a welcome addition to my healing. She also brought me homemade cupcakes, using my Mom’s recipe. I think it is only Ellen who still uses that recipe for “black-bottom” cupcakes and they are delicious! She also brought a large container of homemade hummus, made by her Israeli-born husband, Shlomo.

We caught up on lots of things and it was good to not focus talking about my brain – spending too much time on talking about my health takes too much energy that I’d rather not take after writing these daily missives.

My scar is healing quickly and it is great to see how minimal it will eventually wind up being.

I also got started on the process of getting an acupuncturist to work with. I now have a prescription from Dr. Golfinos and have identified whom I want to work with.

Progress on the blog: it is being built and I hope to have a link to share with you by early next week.

All for now.

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