How To Have Brain Surgery


First, get a tumor – preferably benign and superficial. Don’t go all the way with a malignant one or one too deep!

Next: make sure the symptoms appear in a city with excellent medical care – Madrid is good as is NYC or almost any major European or US city. Don’t let it start in a developing world city with poor or limited facilities.

Make sure you have friends who are connected to an excellent doctor who is willing to see you very soon. Susan Locke was my connection to my doctor and that helped me to see one of the best neurosurgeons around.

Make sure that you have excellent health insurance to cover all of the bills.

Having an employer willing to pay for your airfare and someone to accompany you home is very useful.

Having a partner/spouse like Antonio who will stay by your side and love you through the process and put up with your crazy emotional swings is always useful.

Having friends from all over the world sending good energy and light your way is amazing to help you through the process.

Keep a good attitude throughout even when you feel it is just too much!

Follow your doctor’s advice and while alternative therapies may help, stick with those that add good energy, not the ones that focus on the negative things that we all have in our lives.

Make sure that you are fit before it all happens: eat well, exercise, take good care to live life well – travel, enjoy culture, meet amazing people and do good deeds.

Count on friends to support you through the process in correspondence, in your appointments, in dealing with issues that you just can’t do alone while it is all happening.

Ask for advice from people in your life who have had a health crisis and dealt well with it!

Don’t overdo it in the time after knowing about your condition until the surgery.

Give yourself a break if you can’t do everything you want to do.

Cry if you need to. Laugh, too!!!!!!

Go to a hospital that takes time to explain everything and treat you like a person, not a number.

If you do all of these things, you will not only make it through the surgery well, you will come out the other side in great shape!

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