Last week and blog for 2016

Can it already be 2017?

So much has happened in 2016  – really good stuff and really bad both personal – like my brain tumors and cancer, but so much daily support from friends and family and getting married to Antonio. Let’s hope 2017 will be a good year for us all – the world included.

Let me start with the good – in spite of the tumors and cancer – I am still around and getting better each day even if still low energy and getting tired too quickly, and Antonio and others by my side has been amazing! Our marriage is already almost 2 months ago – Antonio helps me to have the will to go on – inspiring and motivating me. Also, had some amazing trips this year – for work to Tanzania and Senegal. Click on the links for some photos of the events:


More photos on my timeline! Including for fun in Spain. Friend me if not already done to see the pics: and and and Peru – already a year ago

1: and

2: and


On the downside, this year is Trump’s ascendency and all that has come with that and I am still feeling pretty shitty overall.

Each Trump appointment is a new assault on us! Anti-environment, pro-war, anti–woman, anti-LGBT, anti-minority, pro-Russia and Putin, anti- Muslim, taking and threatening to take apart the progress under Obama, including healthcare and international relations etc… can we survive his 4 years? I don’t look forward to the ride! Hang on! And last week, RIP George Michael, too many giants of popular music died last year.

I am still going for my treatments and therapy at Sloan and Aspire, though with not much motivation or enthusiasm. I do see progress, but not enough yet to really believe I will get out the other end in perfect shape. I hope I am wrong! Antonio has enough faith for the 2 of us right now! Still eating too much and my body shows it. Though my bloated belly is down a bit. And major muscle groups (arms and chest, legs and back) slowly coming back some.

We went to see La La Land with Jon Cook – enjoyed but didn’t love it.

Also some weekend side trips to Maryland and Pennsylvania the past few weekends. First to Philly to see my niece and family and to see Kaelah perform in the Nutcracker. See last week’s blog for details about that trip. Kaelah will come stay with us the weekend of February 4th and I got tickets for all of us for a dance performance at the Joyce. Complexions Modern ballet. Looking forward to that time with her.

I got an amazing Hannukah gift from Miriam – hand crafted gold bowls -, and by the way, the Nat Geographic magazine in the pic below is about gender and is a wonderful issue. I highly recommend that you read it, talks a lot about issues I worked on for he UN for All initiative – Sometimes hard to recall the progress on gender issues in spite of Trump-talk and actions:


I am getting requests a few times a week for consulting work – but not ready to say yes yet. Hopefully I’ll be ready for work early 2017!

We had a wonderful Pre- Xmas eve, which was also the first day of Hanukkah with Ronny, Miguel and Antonio –pic below- : Eric joined us as well to light the candles.


On Christmas day, we were invited by Francesca and Cesar to join them them for Christmas brunch. Cesar had prepared an amazing seafood meal (arroz caldoso con langosta) – like a paella but stewier – lobster, shrimp, calamari, mussels, etc. with bomba rice (the typical Spanish rice used to cook paella). We were there with Miguel and Ronny.

Selfie of the lunch crew at Francesca and Cesar’s apartment: – we had an amazing Xmas brunch

Insert brunch selfie


Matías, Francesca and Cesar’s son, loved the basketball set we got him for Xmas- he fits the gender stereotype for a typical boy and he is just that – very boy- a sweet holy terror with more energy than God!

Ronny (took the photo below), me with Miguel and Antonio. Heading home from Roosevelt Island by subway – deep into the earth to get to the platforms:


We ended 2016 in Florida. Original plan was to be in Spain, but for visa reasons, we cannot leave the USA until Antonio has a provisional green card – probably March.

Insert photos from david’s house

I am debating whether to stop the blog or continue. The plus of continuing:

  • It exercises my brain
  • I don’t have to answer individual emails, phone calls, etc.
  • Helps me to remember the week and my memory needs to be exercised – so this is actually part of my therapy.
  • Getting my thoughts on “paper”
  • Letting you know what is happening with me each week and follow my progress or lack of it.

The downside of stopping:

  • Not having to focus on this each week and take the energy to do so – starting to feel too much like a chore
  • Having to respond to individual inquiries each week and maybe each day!

Thoughts welcome –  especially if you really read it each week?



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15 thoughts on “Last week and blog for 2016

  1. Alan Silvermanlymanlovitch! My thoughts: Just do what YOU want to do! Stop writing, write when you feel like it, etc.....Personally, I like the updates whenever they come!
    Peace & Love, Marko Domannovitchski

  2. Please keep the blog going, if that does work for you. It helps me to hear how you're doing without feeling like I'm burdening you with emails or calls due to my desire to know how it's going on your end. I hope this helps you make your decision. xo Stewart

  3. Whatever you decide about the blog, I will live with it. I love reading from you and your thoughts of the week help me to know how you are doing. Of course i would much prefer to pick up the phone and here your voice or meet for a "quickie" in the city. But you must do you! love you hero!

  4. Do what you want, of course. I personally don't feel a need for you to respond to me. I love the updates but once a month or just you have news you want to share. We are on the Big Island in Hawaii. So I will say Aloha!

  5. Re blog, try using the Magic 8-ball. And if you don't get the decision you like you can try again!

  6. Re blog, try using the Magic 8-ball. And if you don't get the decision you like you can try again!

  7. I think many of us look forward to your blog to keep track of HOW you are doing. It's also nice to know what you're doing, but that's easier to follow on Facebook. So maybe shorter posts that briefly update us about how you're doing would work? Find what's best for you. Sending love and hugs and kisses. ❤

  8. Love the blog. If it's too much I certainly understand. Maybe just when you feel up to it. Remember it's exercising the mind and brain!!! All my love and 2017 is going g to be great for you and Antonio.

  9. Do as your gut says. Know that if you do stop the blog, I will hound you. with love. You could always write a few lines instead of details. We just want to hear from you. So we don't have to be all up in your business every day. which I would be. with love. always.

  10. My dear,
    I have read every single one of your blogs to check on how you're doing and read your mood behind the words. But I wouldn't want it to feel like a chore. You are the only one who can decide what works best for you: a monthly blog? a quarterly one? a shorter one that tells only what you can't say on FB? Big hugs to you and Antonio

  11. Don't stop blogging!! Love every moment of it and the photos are cherished. That lobster........
    Love you cuz.

  12. I really look forward to your blogs, But sweetheart do what you have energy for and we will all understand. Love you and am so happy that you are doing a bit better.

  13. I enjoy the blog and being able to keep up with you and Antonio without email, etc. As others are suggesting, perhaps you can shorten them or write less frequently. But, Ray and I do like to hear what's happening with you. Love from both of us to both of you for a happy 2017.

  14. I love reading the blog so I can keep up with how you are doing. I think of you often and like reading your updates.

  15. Keep the blog, but don't feel pressured to post or write something so long. Keep it to a Twitter length.


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