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About 10 days ago, in New York, while at the gym, I noticed a big deficit in the strength on the left side of my body. For example, I usually lift 30 lbs with my shoulders but I could not even begin to lift 30. Even 15 felt like a ton. Then I went to Equatorial Guinea in Africa for a UNICEF assignment. On the way back I stopped in Spain as I had planned to continue exploring this wonderful country with Antonio.

When I got to Madrid, Antonio met me at the airport and we went to lunch. I noticed, while walking, that my left foot was dragging and to put on my jacket my left arm was not cooperating to get through the sleeve.

After breakfast on Sunday, we went to a Museum and the deficit on my left side was omnipresent. Antonio wisely suggested that we go to a medical center here, in Madrid, Ruber Internacional Hospital, ( one of the best. I’ve been here now for 3 days and I have had a series of tests including two MRIs, two CAT scans and a PET scan. The conclusion for now, both good and bad news, is that I have tumors in the front of both lobes of my brain. The bad news is obvious; the good news is that the tumors are superficial and they should be able to be easily removed.



Also I am in an amazing private hospital where the staff has been incredible. Plus my Antonio has been a real angel, never leaving, trying to make me laugh through all of this. I have also had Antonio’s friends here everyday, including Lorena, who this evening, administrated a healing session with me breathing in blue pure light. And from the States the few friends I have told have been just incredible.For example, Miguel and Susan Locke have been researching possibilities for when I return to the States. Xavier, in Geneva, arranged everything with Ruber to make sure the insurance will take care of the bill. I’ve gotten lots of calls filled with love and support from Ellen, Eric and David Schofield.

Tomorrow I will be speaking to the doctors here to discuss options. I may have the surgery here because I may be too risky to fly with the tumors, but if I can fly safely, chances are I’ll come back to New York for treatment. Miguel and Susan will keep me up-to-date with your messages and will send out updates if you want to be kept in the loop.

In the meantime, send good energy my way and hope to be in touch with good news soon.


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