On the Way from Alicante

Friday morning. On the train from Alicante to Madrid. Yesterday, was a day of relaxing. In the morning, I sat on a bench next to the beach just watching people walk by and play in the sand and sea. It was a beautiful sunny day with a clear blue sky, the Mediterranean as blue as the sky.
Took a long nap back at the hotel. And later Antonio and I went for a manicure- pedicure at a spa called Bambu, recommended by his dear friend, Kata.

It has been a long time since I had a mani-pedi. Felt great and the chair for the pedicure had a powerful massage function. Hit all of the shiatsu points along my back and neck.

Managed to get some work started to have everything in place for surgery and post surgery. This included things that sometimes we just don’t want to think about, but that are important to have in place early. For example, making sure that you have a healthcare proxy needed to make decisions when you are unable to make them. Having someone with power of attorney to be able to make economic decisions and take actions in case you are unable. And having a will for worst case scenario. Actually I already have a will but it is very out of date so I am updating it now. For those of you reading this in good health, you may want to think about those things before a crisis arises.

Today is also the day when Carlos and his BF Kyle, Don and Lance will be heading out to Fire Island. They are going to be working to get everything in place for the summer. Can’t thank you guys enough!!

This evening in Madrid, Antonio and I will be going to a concert. One of the pieces is Ravel’s Bolero, one of my favorites. If you want to see one of the most beautiful dances ever, If you want to see one of the most beautiful dances ever, look at this performance by Jorge Donn – choreography by Bejart.

When we get to Madrid, I’m hoping to feel strong enough to get to a special exhibit of the work of Joan Miro. Another favorite!

In the meantime, every day I feel stronger and more ready to move forward with my surgery and recovery. And still feeling such mixed-up crazy emotions – like on a rollercoaster!

All of the amazing energy coming my way from each of you helps in this process.

And a big thanks to Raj Patel and Sheila for taking over communcations for now from Miguel and Susan.

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