One Week Later

This time last week, I was at NYU Langone Hospital and had already begun the process to prepare for surgery. Hard to believe that was a week ago. In many ways, it feels like months ago and in some ways, like it was just yesterday! What a difference 7 days can make.

After doing way too much over the past few days, I have committed to pretty much staying home today. I will go out for a walk at some point, but I really do need to take a day and just rest. I have a lot coming up for later in the week so this will be my Sabbath! Yes, I know I have been overdoing it, but I also am sleeping and resting a LOT.

It is just too much for me to deal with all of the everyday things I need to get done – and I am depending on help from others (see more below).

My Dad was impatient with me yesterday and I really do understand that – he would really like me to come for Passover and doesn’t fully get that making the trip to Maryland and being in a group of about 15 people for the Seder, including lots of kids would just exhaust me, but going to Fire Island will be much easier and will, once I am there, add a good dose of beach air energy into my healing. Yes, we will do a Seder there, but it will be very low key and I will be breathing in ocean air and looking out to the sea and into nature the entire time there.

Help and support this week:

  • Chandler will be coming Tuesday to help me with some computer issues I am having and to work with AppleCare to resolve those.
  • Tuesday, I also see the plastic surgeon to have my stitches removed. It’s amazing how quickly the scar is healing and my hair is already growing in very quickly.
  • Ellen is coming on Wednesday to hang out and add good energy – always a pleasure to be with her and see her.
  • Depending on my energy level after Ellen’s visit, Miriam may stop by after work.
  • Nancy R will coming on Thursday to help me resolve the insurance issues.
  • My cousin from Atlanta, Sheri and her husband, will be in town on Thursday and I hope to have them over for lunch. Sheri is the daughter of my mother’s late sister, Ruth.
  • Lisa will be helping me to deal with the credit card company that has turned down my request for at least a partial refund from the unused plane ticket Paris- NY on the grounds that my trip ended after the original date, this in spite of them knowing that was because of the medical emergency.
  • I am hoping to start to build a blog about all of that has happened with my brain – I had been thinking book as a possibility, but Michael F has suggested a blog as a better alternative. I think he is right! Started to look at sites today and bought a domain name, but have not had the energy to actually start building the blog itself. Patience….
  • I still need to think about and set up physical therapy and will try to get that started this week.

I got a lot of good feedback about the Haggadah I sent out. For example, Joyce said, “On the Haggadah, THANK YOU!! I’ve just printed it out and will share it with friends who are having my mom (94 yrs old) and me over for Passover dinner. It seems that both the friends who are hosting the Passover and I like collecting more liberal/progressive Haggadahs, even though neither of us is very observant.”

Friday morning, we will head to Fire Island and the Seder will either be that evening, or more likely Saturday evening – we will be talking about freedom both challenges from the past as well as the current lack of freedom on a number of issues: there are caste systems, tribal and ethnic conflicts, religious fanatics, racists, sexists, homophobes, extreme nationalists and people promoting violence through distinction and discrimination throughout the world, including our own politicians (need I say the Republican Party and their candidates?). We will pray that such stigma and discrimination will end and that we can all learn to appreciate the strength that diversity among people brings to our world.

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