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Balancing Session

Another update this time I think pretty short.

In Alicante yesterday I went for a special energy balancing session with a therapist that Antonio had worked with a few years ago. David was amazing, spending two hours with me with hands on work to try to balance my energy bring my coordination to a higher level. He is one of these guys who has healing hands. His presence is very powerful.

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Exhibition at Crystal Palace

On the train on the way to Alicante.Beautiful,cool Monday morning.

Yesterday was a bit of a mixed day. On the plus side, we had a chance to take a walk in El Retiro Park. This park is Madrid’s version of Central Park. Beautiful green fields, statues and sculpted trees, lakes with people rowing boats, lots of people walking with friends and families or out for a run. And amazing views of the city.

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Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone from Madrid!

Hard to believe that it’s already the end of March. Today marks a very good day for me in that it’s the first full day I’m out of the hospital completely. Antonio and I are staying in the apartment of his good friend Montse who is generously letting us stay here while she is in Ibiza for the long weekend.

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Results of my tests

Here’s an update on my health situation.

First, I got the results of all of my tests, and the good news is that I’m going to be fine. Turns out I have two areas on both sides of my brain with tumors. Photos are attached. Next I have been getting incredible care at the hospital here in Spain. And I’ve been supported by so many people.

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