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Weekend in Philadelphia

Sunday: On the bus on our way back from Philly where we spent a few days with my niece Stef and her beautiful family. Kaelah performed in the Nutcracker Saturday nite and we had amazing seats – front row of the balcony – to see her. On the one hand – the performance was terrific, […]

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An eventful week

What a busy week it was! On Tuesday was at Sloan for the weekly check up and thankfully, all checked out well. MRI comes on December, 12th and seeing the doctor the day after to determine next steps! Then the rest of the week was in making sure the details of Saturday’s wedding went well: […]

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Getting ready for the wedding

Saturday morning is our wedding brunch and still working hard to make sure all is ready: flowers, venue, ceremony, food, drinks, music….. Thanks especially to Don, Tiago, Susan, MarK Leydorf and Miguel. This Friday there is a welcome at Le Bain for those coming to the wedding from outside of NY and those not invited […]

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Yet another week has gone by

Amazing how quickly time goes by these days – especially when I am not working – the days just blend one to the other and I have no idea if it is Sunday or any other day. I’ve lost all sense of time and that carries over to not knowing if it is 2 AM […]

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