Passover Saturday on Fire Island


Yesterday, we got to the Island around 11. On the way out here, on the Long Island Railroad, I was cleaning up more entries to add to the blog. I am hoping next week will be launch date.

The past few days have added to the healing and each day I can say that I feel stronger and more energetic, although I am still taking and in need of long naps between the various projects. I got in 2 yesterday.

Antonio and I were so happy to get to the house and see the results of the work of Don, Lance, Carlos and Kyle from a few weeks ago, While there is still a lot to do, the house was ready for us to settle in and enjoy the weekend.

A few things for the previous days:

  • Thursday evening, Nancy Raphael was so amazingly helpful in sorting through the various insurance issues and I am confident that this will now be able to be settled with not much fighting between Medicare, Aetna and the providers;
  • I have arranged to start acupuncture next Wednesday and hope/know that will help me to push forward even faster and come out with a better balance of energy;
  • Sheri and her husband Matt visited on Thursday for lunch and we had a good catch up session about health and life.
  • A few people sent me emails wondering why I am not responding to them individually. I can’t say that will not happen at all, but for now, just focusing on getting through the days by expending minimal energy is where my head is – please do forgive me!;
  • I had some terrible cramps again in my legs during the night on Wednesday into Thursday and had to get up probably 4 or 5 times to walk them off. The past 2 nights have been fine – no more cramps, so I hope that is history. I checked in with Jessica in Dr. Golfino’s office and there is no fear that these are related to the brain tumor removal.

I ran into a few people on Fire Island who heard about my tumors and surgery for the first time. It actually was good to be able to start to explain from a place of healing and strength.

At the house, Antonio wound up doing most of the work of unpacking and arranging – I am limited to no more than 5 lbs for now and cannot bend over to lift even light things. Antonio is amazing in doing what needs to be done, no complaints!

Around 2, we walked to the beach and sat on the stairs for about 10 minutes. Even that short time was healing on a beautiful, warm day, sun shining, the white sands of the beach empty and the water and waves clear and rolling to shore. Can’t wait for the time I will be ready to walk the beach for hours at a time and sit under an umbrella reading and talking with friends.


In the evening, Miguel arrived with a Mexican friend visiting from Paris. I had just gotten off of a FaceTIme call with family at my sister’s house after their Seder. So wonderful see everyone. Next year, it will be in person when I am ready to travel and to be in a larger group of people.
Dinner was a typical Fire Island one: good food, good conversation with candles lighting the table. All of the positive energy keeps me happy!

It rained all night and hearing the gentle sound on the roof, enveloped by Antonio in bed was a meditation. The rain has stopped now – it is 8:30 AM but it will not be a glorious day weather-wise. That’s okay with me. I can use another day of mostly forced relaxation!

I feel good this morning, ready for the arrival of Francesca and Cesar – we will hold our Seder today and talk about freedom.

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