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Ok, this is not about my brain, but I needed to gat out some stuff after yestwerday’ disaster! Things from Facebook worth sharing! We go forward – no other choice!

“On two hours of sleep, I can’t go back to bed. Maybe I should have knocked on more doors, made more phone calls, talked to more people, prepared more leaflets…Or maybe I shouldn’t have patronized and ridiculed the other side while living in my own bubble. We all made the same stupid mistake Liberals in Italy made for decades, we patronized and underestimated the adversary while he was talking to people, and to many new people, while we basically talked to and at ourselves.

So–our worst nightmare has come to pass. Last night I went to bed at 11, hoping for a reprieve and awoke to the apocalypse. What do you do in the face of this?

I recall how I felt waking to the Bush presidency–and this is about 100 times worse. But here’s what I remember about an effective survival strategy. You go on being a good person. You give yourself wholeheartedly to those people and situations God puts in your path. You stay out of the fuckery of national political conversations, and go local, and hope that your goodness pulses outwards in small purposeful increments.

We have been warriors. Now we are wounded. We get to watch the sad march of our arch nemesis into the highest office in the land–knowing that he doesn’t represent our best selves. Rather our wounded, angry, fearful selves. And maybe by healing that part inside ourselves, we can begin to heal on a larger scale.

This morning I practiced a little radical self love. (Not that kind! Wait for him to take office at least before giving your mind over to the gutter?) I woke and took the dogs out for a walk on the beach. Lo and behold, the sun was cresting the waves, and the pups had a good run on the beach, and came back hungry for breakfast. I gave them steak.

Today, I’m gonna dive back into a project I’ve been working on — more on that later–and pay attention to the things and people I love. And this is how you get through a day, a week, a year. Four years. By being who you already are and paying attention to the good stuff. Locally. The stuff that pulses inside you. That kind of local.

Democracy is an exercise in faith. I’ve lost faith in the vision of my countrymen, but not in the institution itself. I figure, maybe we need to acknowledge our own wounded ugliness before we can heal it. God knows, our ugliness has come to light in 24 hours. But I have faith in the greater ways we all fit into each other’s lives.

Be good. Do good. For now, that’s enough.


Cyrus (my dear and wonderful friend)

Sick to my stomach – Lukas Hassel

I don’t know how we go forward from here. Is America a failed state and society? It looks truly possible. I guess we have to pick ourselves up and try to find a way forward, but this has been a night of terrible revelations, and I don’t think it’s self-indulgent to feel quite a lot of despair.- Paul Krugman (NY Times)



59 /react-text I have never felt as outnumbered in my life as I have the last 12 hours. Can’t we unite to at least demand that congress give Obama the Supreme Court nomination hearing? Don’t they have an obligation to their jobs and let our beloved President do his? Do we have to quietly hand over all three branches of government to an impulsive fascist?

Ronit- Lev

We should however not let our fear and/or anger influence our life and decisions, and we should continue to fight for what we believe in. – Karin Sham Poo

How to explain this to my grandchildren?

How to explain this to myself? – Robert Cohen

24 hours ago I was filled with hope as I scanned my ballot sheet I am now filled with deep sorrow and dread. How do you console your 17 year old who is too young to vote but will bear the brunt of 4 years of hatred and bigotry in the White House? But I am also filled with resolve. We have come together before to fight for women’s rights, for LGBT rights, against wars. As AIDS activists, Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matter we took to the streets. United we have to stand up to these bullies. Act up, fight back, fight hate! – Sandra Elgear

Neil deGrasse Tyson: “This is the end of nothing. This is the beginning of something new and solemn and so important. You must be part of what comes next.” – Zach Barnett

My motto today is: regroup, recalibrate, restrategize and keep on fighting. Hidden in the forces that pull us down, is the energy to lift us up.

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8 thoughts on “Political rant

  1. I am going to go to my basement and weave, play my ukulele and walk to my Granddaughters school to pick her up and walk home. Monday I am going to Salem to protest the LNG pipeline project that would pipe fracked gas to the beautiful Oregon coast. Your words beautifully expressed some of my thoughts and gave me other things to think about. Love, hugs

  2. I hear and feel with all of you. My mum says it gives her reason to stay alive till the next election (she'll be 100)
    So she can stay and fight the good fight!

  3. Alan, Your blog of this morning has given me some hope and some cheer after yesterday's disatrous news. I turned off CNN in disgust, and have not turned it on again as I simply do not want to hear about it anymore. A couple of things though: Trump is NOT anti-gay, he has a very good gay friend whom he may appoint to high office, he is his own man and will not kow-tow to the religious right or to any entity (except to himself), he would never support the anti-gay (anti-business) agenda in N.C. either so just a few things that can make you a bit more optomistic, of course he is mentally unstable and to have is finger on the nuclear button is mind-boggling. Your advice is stellar and I will follow it. Another close friend said try and forget the result and continue loving, doing the things that you enjoy and go on with your life. Also very good advice. Hugs from Joi and me.

  4. Alan -thanks for this helpful post. Last night, second night post election, I slept well alone in house w dog [John is in Cuba with an MGH surgical delegation- and really not able to connect with us at home, such is the poor state of communications technology there]. Election eve however, I slept one hour and woke up feeling sick to my stomach, numb even. Like you're friend in the post above, yesterday I went to beach (Burying Hill Beach Westport CT); walked my dog along an ocean rivulet that was rushing in two directions at same time (into marshes and out into LI Sound) and felt a sense of cleansing renewal there - bury the huge sickening disappointment of HRC's defeat and move on, breath in the brisk beautiful ocean air and take care of myself, my family. Later I went to a group meditation (with acupuncture) and immediately fell into deep sleep.

    My 23 yr old daughter, Caroline, however, called election eve from Manhattan where she works in fashion industry and was angry about other voters' stupidity in electing Trump, and told me she was scared. Caroline is a Wellesley graduate and it was deeply disappointing that HRC [ a 1968 Wellesley graduate] ended up losing - campus is in grieving and mourning) . I felt sad for today's 23 yr olds. I reassured her but felt sad -- her world is so different at 23 than mine was - I was eating millet with my right hand and so active in latrine building in Senegal with my friend Carey -- life was pretty good and politics was local and pretty wholesome in that Muslim village on the ocean. On the other hand, Nixon and Agnew were in the White House -- then lessons of history are good at times like this. Love Ed

    close by and watched an ocean

  5. You're right. We made it through Nixon Reagan 2 bushes and we'll survive trump! Perspective is inportsnt.

  6. "We go forward."
    There is a country standing, and people in it who keep getting left behind. It is a time to invoke the founding principles and for the citizens to be held accountable to them. "Us" vs "them" is a problem if "E pluribus unum."


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