Slowly getting there

Slowly, very slowly, the fatigue is starting to lift. At this point, that means napping “only” 3-4 hours a day and sleeping 10 hours a night. That’s 3-4 hours less than just after radiation, but it is a start! I hope this time next week that will be down to perhaps 1-2 hours of napping and a normal 8 hours at night. And Thursday was my last day to take Kepra, an anti-seizure medication, that also adds to fatigue. This also means I can start with my vitamins that I have been unable to take for over 2 months now and I hope this will add to my energy as well.

I have been going to the beach for a few hours a day, mostly just “getting there” and once there, sitting, reading a bit and napping. It is a nice change from sleeping in the house all day. It is a good mood lifter to sit by the sea, watch people stroll by and take in the fresh sea breeze.

Here is a picture of Antonio and me on our way to the beach:


An email from my friend Jonathan: “I guess this new phase of your life moves you from being a Human Doing (so busy doing so many wonderful things for the world) to being more of a Human Being…enjoying the gift of just being present.” I hope to be more and do less, though I must say that I can’t wait to get back to also doing! That’s a big part of who I am. 🙂

After the exchange about expressing the downside of this ordeal, Stewart counseled: “And if ever you are feeling overwhelmed and ‘dark of heart’ and you choose to honestly express it, that is just fine. You need to be wherever you are at any given moment and that’s fine. Positive is great and you should aim in that general direction if possible, but if that’s not how you are feeling at times – get that other darker feeling out. Don’t suppress it. That’s not healthy either. That said, it’s true that all creation begins with thought. So being positive about your healing and your future is very important. But along the way, just keep being in the truth of your life as it progresses. My guess is that’s what the universe wants you to do right now.”

From my Peace Corps friend Kathleen and Howie traveling in Europe, 2 posts worth sharing:

From Copenhagen: “I stumbled on an Anglican church in Copenhagen. A few volunteers greeted visitors, and they were wonderfully warm and welcoming (to over-alliterate, perhaps). I lit a candle for you, sending strength and love. I was touched to see three Buddhist monks sitting in the pews.”


From Stockholm: “Although the cathedral is Protestant, it has this wonderful globe with candles. One is shining here for you.”


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8 thoughts on “Slowly getting there

  1. Your writing today shows a much lighter you. That is great. I think you are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel
    Much love.

  2. Alan I keep you in my thoughts and prayers for getting back to human doing. That is the Alan we all love. Hugs Manolita.

  3. splendid news ! and funny photo - back selfie ?!
    yes, the sea is a great healer....
    have a happy weekend,

  4. Such wonderful news. Just take one day at a time and enjoy the moment. I am happy that you are at the seashore as it is so therapeutic. Love you

  5. Following your progress with great love and hope. Thanks for doing this. You have so very many people who love you!

  6. So happy to hear that you are feeling better and your energy is returning. Relax and enjoy your beach time, you deserve and need it. Much love Jayne

  7. I love this post. I have loved every post. You have very wise friends. I loved what Stewart said. The roller coaster of life and the struggle to maintain balance.....whew.


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