Stitches Out

Came home from the plastic surgeon’s office, Dr.Staffenberg around 1:30. Had to wait an hour to see him and the office, which specializes in pediatric plastic surgery, was filled with kids running around – for many of them, it was obvious that something needed to be done to “correct” issues around their mouths, noses and eyes.

Dr. Staffenberg (Professor of Clinical Plastic Surgery, Vice Chair of the Department of Plastic Surgery, Director of the Institute of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery and Chair of Pediatric Plastic Surgery – all at NYU Hospital) said that he was very pleased with the way the incision was healing and that I should basically let my body do the work of healing on its own. The products out there for minimizing scars were really a waste of money, said he. The best thing is to use a bit of oil, such as almond oil or vitamin E capsule or rose hip oil and gently massage where the incision was made. It is more the action of the gentle massage that will help than anything else. Sun exposure makes scarring worse, so I need to protect the scar from (as everyone should be doing everyday even if you don’t have a wound) by continuing to wear hats and using SPF for the times it would be exposed. He said it’s ok to go back to using regular shampoo and even hair products, though until I see the scar healing well, I will avoid those for now.

Glad to be back home now and Antonio ran out for appointments in Brooklyn again – I’m happy that he is getting more into his work routine again.

This morning, right after breakfast, I went to vote in the NY primary. Still trying to conserve energy as much as I can, but it also feels good that my energy levels are becoming more normal each day. I hope that this time next week, I will not be needing daily long naps just to get through the day. In the meantime, I will continue to take it easy as much as I can at least until I see the surgeon and neuroo-ncologist next week

May I begin to complain a bit about the annoyances of daily life that usually are like water off a duck’s back for me?

I have had to deal with delays in delivery of a promised new refrigerator on Fire Island several times now – calls keep coming with apologies and the last promise was for sure for today until I got yet another message saying that could not be respected.

To get to the doctor, Uber had confirmed it would arrive in 3 minutes but in the end they did not show, I canceled and we took a taxi; yet Uber charged a cancellation cost although they did not show on time! I dealt with that, but it took 4 emails back and forth to resolve. Annoying!

Waiting for over an hour at the doctor’s office was crazy! This also meant that Antonio had to rush from home to get to his appointment on time.

I placed an order online for Passover food from Fairway yesterday and it took 3 calls before they finally got the order right.

Chandler came over today and spent about an hour online with AppleCare to help clean up a few issues with my computer – freezing too much, a Java message that refused to go away, the bar with the time and Wi-Fi not appearing properly, etc. Things are already better and I was able to sleep while Chandler made the magic happen.

Final note from today: my brother Bruce’s company will be helping to get a blog together for me. Now I need to go back to all that I have written and edit it a bit and look at all of the messages I have received from all of you so that we can begin to build content. I’ll let you know when it is ready!

One message to share from Maie now in Ukraine: “One thought only that I really, really would like to share is to say not to rush for anything. This episode has given you in many ways a gift of time. Use it preciously to think, reflect, prioritise, but mostly enjoy this gift of time and discover new things in you (that) perhaps (you) did not know you had, or have been putting off for too long.”

Wise words and time to chill for now.

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One thought on “Stitches Out

  1. Good morning, Alan!

    It is wonderful to see how well you are coming along in your recovery. It also appears that you are truly taking to heart the wisdom of balance and pacing yourself during this recovery to assure your renewed strength is sustainable.

    My thoughts and love are with you on a daily basis as I share this gorgeous picture of the Los Angeles morning sunshine!


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