The bills so far

Having brain tumors is not cheap. I have no idea what the final total will be, but here is what it has cost thus far:

  • Hospital in Madrid – just for the room: 1700 Euros ($1939)
  • Tests in Madrid: Still awaiting that bill
  • Drugs in Madrid: Still awaiting those bills
  • Flight for Antonio and me to return directly from Madrid to New York: 2505 Euros ($2857)
  • Plastic surgeon at NYU Hospital, Dr. Staffenberg: $35,288
  • Pre-surgical clearance, Dr. Shah: $525
  • Pre-surgical MRI of my head in NY: $3030
  • Inpatient care at NYU Hosptial: $1,913.75
  • DNA lab work at NYU Hospital (Esoterix Genetic Laboratories): $200
  • Molecular pathology report: $150
  • Neuro-anesthesiologist, Ganesh Rambissoon : $6,360
  • Aleksandar Beric – testing $3,695
  • MRI: $3,910
  • Ariane Lewis – consultation in the hospital: $450
  • Chest x-ray: $40
  • Various tests: $2,271
  • Various tests: $3,910
  • First visit to Dr. Silverman, radiation oncologist: $328 + $6,490.00
  • Making of the mask for radiation: $1,025
  • Tests (blood, etc.): $342
  • Office visit – no idea what this one was for!: $129
  • Co-payment for first drugs related to radiation (my co-payment only): $1161 (full price is nearly $6000 and that is for the 1st of 2 prescriptions, so in the end will be nearly $12,000 full roice just for the 1 prescription)
  • NYU Hospital inpatient services: $195,271.89 (this is almost 100 times more expensive than the Spanish hospital bill and for a semi-private room.)
  • Dr. Golfinos’s bills (the neuro-surgeon): $ 2,271 + more to come for sure
  • Dr. Chi’s bill (the neuro-oncologist): $520 + $129.02 + more to come for sure

Other things:

  • The acupuncturist – he will accept the insurance payment – so no idea!
  • Taxis to and from appointments– no idea!
  • The doctor of Chinese medicine in Alicante: 75 Euros ($85)
  • The homeopathic doctor in NY: $100

Total thus far: $278,548.66 – and this is not even complete! By the end, the total will be well over $300,000!!! Health care is not cheap in the good old USA.

The “good news” is that Medicare covers all inpatient costs and my limit for Aetna is $4807.05- so anything above that amount Aetna will cover 100%.

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11 thoughts on “The bills so far

  1. Wait, $35,000 for the plastic surgeon and he didn’t even nip and tuck at all?!?!!! Not even a bissell botox?!!! Oh baby, you got snookered!! 😉

    Alan, my dear one,

    I am following your emails every time you send one, and I am always grateful for the updates. I’m sorry I’ve been MIA a bit. I’ve been very very busy of late. I was shooting another film for MSU and now I am on Long Island helping deconstruct and declutter my mom’s house prior to her move to a new apartment. It is an overwhelming job. It’s mostly been on my shoulders, but my brother and sister-in-law have come in for a week to help so I am taking advantage of the man power and we’re all working madly on the job.

    I do wish to be available to escort you to and from treatment sessions. I haven’t received a link to the schedule for that yet. You may not have posted one so far. But latter May into June would be ideal for me. I should be back in the city for a bit, editing the MSU film, so I will be local and can come and get you and then deposit you back home as needed. And even see you for a visit! Which I am really looking forward to doing.

    Anyway, keep doing all that you’re doing. It will help. I really do have you in my mind constantly. And I am praying this healing goes smoothly for you. I send you healing thoughts and lots of love,

    Talk to you soon.



  2. Dear Alan,

    It has taken me some time to write you after receiving your updates with the news that you have a journey of radiation and chemo ahead. I was so happy thinking you were out of the woods after the surgery and then learning that there is more to deal with. It was difficult for me to take this in - and you know why - and I had to come to terms with it and I hope you don't think I was being selfish.

    As your tumors were indeed taken out by the roots, and did not appear from somewhere else, the treatments should prevent any return of any fucking cancer cells! I am also relieved to know that you will have oral chemo rather than infusion.

    Thank you for sharing all the updates and also all the messages of love and friendship you receive from all of us. As I think I mentioned in an earlier e-mail I am so touched when reading about you and Antonio - whom I have yet to meet. It has brought tears to my eyes as I think of my 18 years with Tom and how he was my rock and love of my life.

    The spring semester at Pomona is about to end and work is slowing down a bit. I will travel to Sweden and France in July but am thinking about a New York trip before then. Will let you know.

    I cannot be of any practical help from here but I'm thinking of you. Would love to talk so let me know when you feel up to getting a call. Just text me any time day or night!

    Big hug!
    Love, Bertil

  3. Hi Alan ~
    It was wonderful speaking to you yesterday. Here's the link for the relief band. If you get to the point where you are considering purchase, scan the web. I noticed a substantial variation in sale prices. Love you ~ Chantal

  4. Yikes. That's ridiculous. I wish we could compare your line-by-line with France's prices.
    I stayed in a Chartres Hospital in 2006 for 6 days, including ER, ICU, regular room, tests, 2 endoscopies, drugs, doctors, food for $4600 total AND months later they sent me a $500 refund. My USA insurance eventually reimbursed me, but the French were excellent, compassionate and they saved my life (bleeding ulcers internally)!!
    Love you both,

  5. Sweet Mother of Jesus!!

    I think part of the problem is that you have such a large and creative brain. That must run up the costs.

  6. Sorry to say this but my one one month stay including all the memories cats cans blood work food in hospital room surgery I only paid out of pocket $1,700 I'm sure would have been pretty close to what you did for my liver hang tuff ,
    my friend
    Who are the stupid Americans who think that this is socialized medicine in Japan probably those who are gullible enough to believe Trump or are the others of their ilk I'm never going to give up my Japanese Health Care policy for the six months that I live in Japan and if I have a serious medical condition in America I'm coming back to Japan

  7. Wow! Reminds me of Loulou's premature birth and subsequent three months in NICU!
    Total bill was $500,000 ! I paid $10,000, as she was born end Dec. i had to pay my share of Aetna twice, once for each year! Hehe.
    Antonio is gonna have one hell of an expensive partner, and us an expensive friend. Double hehe!!

    You are worth every penny, dime and hundreds of thousands dollars my dear ❤️
    Sadly I also recall the innumerable phone calls that it took to settle the various bills. An added aggravation at a horribly trying time.

    My special dear friend, count your blessings, in this case the UN and your Aetna plan, and continue to take it one step at a time. You will come out at the other end more precious and better then when you started, Friends have saluted the new bionic Alan !! I join them sincerely - though I could also be caught saying you needed no improvement at all!!

    I/we love you Alan and will stand by you always.


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