Therapy Session

It’s now 11:20 AM Spanish time. Just finished almost 2 hours of therapy. This included acupuncture, plus working out using cables to strengthen my muscles. And a bit of Pilates mixed in, too. The good news is that my muscles are actually still pretty strong but I do lack stamina. According to the physical therapist, the stamina will come back quickly after the surgery. Fingers crossed.

As I dictate this, I’m sitting along the beach in Muchavista (meaning “A lot of view/vista” in Spanish) with views of the Mediterranean overlooking the mountains. It’s like a meditation. Very therapeutic just to sit here.

Muchavista beach March 30

You are receiving this message from me directly, rather than through Miguel. Miguel asked for a bit of a break and Susan can use one, too. He has been receiving so many emails that he can’t really keep up and work at the same time. He said he will take over again once my surgery starts. For now feel free to write any messages directly to me, although please be warned: I will not be answering most messages directly unless there is a specific reason to do so. I just really need to conserve my energy moving forward for now. I hope you understand if I don’t respond to your individual messages. But do know that I will be reading them all and take them in with all the wonderful energy being sent my way.

If anybody would like to volunteer to take over for Miguel and Susan for now, please let me and Miguel know.

Yesterday evening, Antonio and I went for an amazing dinner at a restaurant called Darsena. It’s a seafood restaurant 2 minutes from the hotel and we had gone the day before to have a fabulously delicious paella with artichokes and cuttlefish. The people at the table next to us had what appeared to be delectablebacalao, the local cod. We decided to give it a try ourselves. The quality of the fish as well as the preparation were both flawless. The fish was prepared with fantastic aioli over fresh spinach. This was a five star quality meal. Add one half or less the cost of the finest seafood in New York. Total cost including the meal, wine and service was about $50. If ever in Alicante, make sure to come to this place at the port.


Pulpo at Darsena - March 30

This afternoon, I have another therapy session. This time it will be with an energy worker. I’m hoping she can add vigorto my well-being.

I think that’s all the news for now. Sending love to all of you and feeling your love back.

P.S. My head still forgets important stuff. I got on the train in Muchavista today and left my backpack on the bench at the station. I had to walk back. I was lucky it was still there. But lost about 45 minutes over that incident.


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